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Say goodbye to sleepy websites and forgotten SSL certificates

Say goodbye to uncertainty by knowing first hand if your cloud assets are working. Awakish will give you an immediate heads-up when one of your websites or systems becomes inaccessible giving you the peace of mind you need to stay on top of the game – day or night, 24/7, 365. We’re like the mail carriers of the cloud.

Don’t be caught sleeping with your cloud services down:

Always know their status with help from Awakish. An affordable, easy to use, all-in-one, web-based platform designed for all-levels of business managers to track the uptime view of cloud applications , even on internal systems.

Configure your Dashboard exactly how you like it:

Monitor uptime for every single website, server, SSL Certificate, even if it’s hidden behind a firewall. Arrange each resource into different test groups and customize regions, locations, and test frequency; just the way you like it.

Stay in the loop 24/7:

See live data and tracking results immediately. You’ll get an instant notification to the emails of your choosing the moment uptime on any of your resources goes down. Rest assured that you will never be the last one to know if your website is down.

Don’t let history repeat itself:

You don’t have to wait for us to tell you your site is down. Awakish starts monitoring the second you input the information and saves it so you can look back and watch for patterns, so you can always be proactive about any irregularities. Be informed and stay ahead!

Awakish Corp is based in Redmond, WA With a diverse background in hosting and different clouds like Azure, Amazon, & Google, built over more than a decade in the infrastructure business, the team builds monitoring groups for clients customized to their business needs.
Let Awakish dazzle you with a free trial.Annual contracts start at only $4.99.