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Effect of Website Downtime on Company’s Productivity

At a time when there is bottleneck competition in virtually every industry, consistency is the only way to build a long-term reputation for older and prospective clients. However, delivering consistent quality work while meeting deadlines is easier said than done. It requires strong coordination between different resources and regular incentives to motivate the teams to accomplish their tasks as per the client’s expectations.

Maintaining the productivity streak is difficult as it is, but when you add unattended or constant website downtimes to the mix, your organization is simply doomed to fail.

Definition & Importance of Team Productivity

Team productivity is a performance metric that measures up the volume of tasks completed with satisfactory or above quality and the time needed to accomplish them. To prove your productivity, you must be able to persistently wrap up a sizable amount of your project schedules adeptly and adequately before the allotted deadlines.

For many businesses, an employee/team’s productivity is proportional to their valuation. Employees who are round-the-clock productive and make feasible contributions to the company’s objectives will advance in their careers faster than the laidback ones. So, in addition to being in the best interests of the company, being productive is beneficial to the employee as well.

Team productivity is an essential component of any business. You cannot reach your goals, boost revenues, or increase job satisfaction with an inefficient team.

Stuart McGuigan’s methods of boosting team productivity

While the above issues can be difficult to tackle, we have collated some expert-backed solutions. According to Stuart McGuigan, Program Director for the CIO Business Council of The Conference Board, here are five tried and tested methods of improving team productivity. [Source]

  1. Project prioritisation
  2. Dedicated business manager
  3. Self-directed group
  4. A clear business success metric
  5. Fresh-eyed observations

Apart from the aforementioned guidelines, if you are genuinely interested in preserving and boosting your team’s productivity, you must invest in a smart IT infrastructure. Having a solid infrastructure like uptime monitoring tools ensure that you are aware of upcoming website downtime or alerted immediately so you can remedy it before it finds its way to the dreaded social media. Your team can also schedule their tasks instead of whiling away their time in case of an unannounced website outage.

Common causes of low team productivity

Poor communication

Poor communication between team members can often lead to chaos and unproductivity. When you fail to prioritize clear communication, the employees are most likely not going to understand the nature and expectations of their tasks, resulting in delayed and subpar submissions.

Inadequate formal training

When employees struggle to complete tasks or work as part of a team, a shortage of corporate training may be to blame. College majors often do not equip graduates with workforce skills. As a result, businesses must engage in and provide holistic training for staff.

Lack of incentives

The absence or lack of incentives can push your team members into a stagnant loop. Taking some time and resources out to appreciate and reward your employees far outweighs the costs a company may incur. Not only will it make your team members feel seen, but will also promote loyalty towards the company.

Not enough accountability

When there is no accountability, mediocrity reigns and careers struggle. Not holding people accountable for poor performance serves no purpose, as it misleads or subconsciously validates their performance — until review time comes around. Members of the best teams hold themselves and one another accountable. Try to involve your team in defining a mutual accountability benchmark and using dedicated actions to uphold it week after week.

Effect of website downtime on productivity

Unattended outages cause your company’s website to go down, your email server to crash, and disrupt your entire network. When such events occur regularly, your team’s productivity is bound to get hampered.

Constant downtimes will trigger a laid back attitude and fester unproductivity in your organization. This will not only cost your organization a great deal of revenue but will also tarnish your brand image in the long run.

Having website downtime monitoring tools in place will help you mitigate the effects of downtime. First, you will be aware of potential website downtime or be alerted instantly in case of an unexpected one. This will help your team prioritize or fast-track their tasks accordingly to meet the deadlines.

Having an astute uptime monitor in place will also enable you to check site downtime and keep track of productivity, so you can get to the root of the issue promptly before your clients or customers notice.

Better Team Productivity with Awakish

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