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Is Awakish for me ?

MSPs, IT Professionals, Consultants, DevOps

Your clients depend on you and you can depend on Awakish. Consultants and IT professionals know whether the systems/VMs they manage are working or not, but often find it difficult to monitor public services that are reachable over the internet.

We provide a secure and easy to monitor solution for all the assets that you watch over - regardless of location, cloud, or technology. Anything you can ping, we can monitor.

Awakish can also allow your customers to see how well you are servicing them. With constant uptime status, shared summary reports and status badges that you can embed anywhere, you can stay top of mind with your clients.

Bring transparency from a neutral source with the data needed for fact-based discussions about whether SLAs have been met or not. The historical uptime data will also help you determine when to invest in improvements for business-critical applications. Keep better tabs on client sites, without breaking the bank.

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When customers had no reason to call with problems, they were forgetting about us since everything worked so reliably. So we started supplying monthly ‘3rd party’ reports from Awakish to credit our team for the uptime and well-managed scheduled maintenance. We’ve also earned more trust through transparency in giving them the same alerts that we receive.


Business owners & managers

Stay on the pulse of your site so you are never closed for business, because a call from a client is the worst way to learn that your site is down! Monitor continuously so you are always available to connect with your customers.

Verify that your service provider is keeping your site available by getting your own reports to see whether you experience downtimes. This transparency can help drive improvements with your provider over time.

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I was wakened early one morning by a text saying that my site was down. Since I have clients outside my time zone, I cannot afford to be down even in the middle of the night. I called my provider to resolve the issue and they were surprised that I was aware of it so quickly since it was only a minute or two.

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How Awakish is different?

It’s simple to start... No training or skills required!

The best monitoring solution is the one that gets deployed and used! Skilled IT experts are not required, but if you are a skilled tech professional, you’ll appreciate the time-saving simplicity of our 2-minute installation or our free batch upload service for large pools of HTTP endpoints and servers.

  • Server Monitoring
    Monitor internal (or private) servers that are behind firewalls

    Many solutions only monitor public servers and websites, but Awakish gives you the ability to do both.

  • Agentless Monitoring
    Agentless monitoring

    You do not have to install code on a server to start monitoring. Agentless means no possible conflict with existing software and no time is needed to audit and maintain an agent.

  • Single dashboard for monitoring groups

    Know the status of each of your assets with one single dashboard. Pool all your servers and easily monitor the wellbeing of a whole system, like an ERP or CRM system.

  • Multi Cloud Monitoring
    Multi-cloud monitoring

    Monitor any web service that can be pinged regardless of vendor or location.

  • Monthly Reports
    Monthly reports

    Excel reports make it easy to calculate, spot trends, and consolidate performance monthly or annually.

  • Disable Alerts
    Disable alerts for planned maintenance

    You won’t be bothered with alerts during scheduled maintenance. Simply disable Awakish for your SLA tracking as not to affect your statistics.

  • SSL Ceritificate Monitoring
    Monitoring includes SSL certificate countdowns

    It’s easy to forget to renew SSL Certificates which can cause downtime (or worse), so you will receive an alert in advance when it is time to renew.

  • Mobile Friendly
    Mobile friendly

    Access to your monitoring system lets you immediately assess the severity of an incident no matter where you are. You can also set the frequency for text alerts to notify your intended recipients.

  • Protected Login
    Protected login

    Since we use third party services, we do not store your passwords and your users have less login credentials to remember

  • Compliance
    Compliance as a priority

    While other solutions run the risk of not complying to every applicable United States law, Awakish holds compliance to those laws as an essential part of our service.

  • Collector To Feed Internal Monitoring Data

    Collector feeds internal monitoring data into the Awakish databases for a central monitoring solution. Because this is sensitive data, we give each customer their own private database and the software code is fully auditable.

  • Azure Monitoring Tools
    Support for Azure Edge Zones

    With Awakish you will be able to monitor the VMs and websites that are provided through Azure Edge Zones in a consolidated view of these assets.