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How do I start monitoring?

Easy, go to Manage and start by setting up your first Monitoring Group. Then you add the resources that you want to monitor.

How can I monitor an IP Address?

You enter the IP Address that you want to monitor and as an option you can also add a specific port. Which addresses are you monitoring IP addresses from? You can also monitor resources behind firewalls if they are available through ‘port forwarding’ or ‘firewall rules’. In order to enhance security, you might want to allow traffic through your firewalls only from a certain IP address. This is of course optional, but should be considered as best-practice. Below are the IP addresses that we use for this type of monitoring so that you can make the correct rules inside your firewall:

  • EastUS -
  • WestUS -
  • SouthEast Asia -
  • Europe -

How will I get notifications?

You can set notifications, step 3 when setting up a resource, to be sent to several email addresses and also through text messaging (sms). Make sure that you have enabled notifications in ‘My Profile’.

Can multiple people work in Awakish?

Yes, you can easily enable for other people to access your Awakish account and set out invites. Go to ‘Users’ and add the people.

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