reasons for cloud monitoring

You Should Use Awakish to Monitor Your Cloud (here’s 10 reasons why)

Are you thinking about trying a new approach for monitoring your cloud? Welcome to Awakish. You’ve come to the right place.

1. Installation is simply agent-less. Awakish monitors customers’ internal servers without the hassle to install monitoring agents on each server. Setup is simple and software is easy to use.

2. Awakish gives you all the information you need about your websites and servers in a single dashboard. It’s comprehensive monitoring at a glance.

3. Awakish will warn you about SSL certificate expiration before it happens. Unmonitored SSL certificates can negatively affect your business- let Awakish keep watch!

4. Are your websites and servers awake and moving? Too often problems go unnoticed until a user is negatively impacted. Awakish will monitor your uptime and point out areas of trouble so you can catch them before customers.

5. Whether a single user or a large corporation with many cloud customers, Awakish provides comprehensive monitoring so you can focus on other things.

6. Awakish lets you monitor servers that are on your corporate network, regardless if they are on-premise, at a co-location, or Azure, AWS or Google. Our Enterprise Plan is fully auditable by our customers and sized to accommodate any organizational needs regardless of size and complexity.

7. Awakish is constantly checking if your cloud assets are working or not- we stay awake and monitoring 24/7 so you don’t have to.

8. Awakish has created monitoring groups, which allow a customer to combine cloud resources together and act on them as a group.

9. Once a customer has created a monitoring group, they are given insight into many aspects of their cloud assets, including the ability to monitor an HTTP endpoint.

10. Awakish is free to try through the end of August. After that, Awakish remains affordable for all your monitoring needs- find your price at

Interested? It would be our pleasure to help you get started today- read more and start your trial at, follow us on twitter @AwakishCorp and join us on LinkedIn