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July 14, 2019 – Redmond, WA – We are proud to launch Awakish today. Awakish is a service that makes it easier to monitor servers, websites and certificates- regardless if they are in a datacenter, Azure, AWS or Google. Everything is monitored in an accessible, user-friendly single location.

Awakish offers many key benefits for users. Among these benefits, customers are now able to monitor all servers and websites managed in one dashboard- regardless of location. Awakish eliminates the need to have multiple monitoring solutions or tools depending on where assets exist. Awakish replaces multiple dashboards and notifications services of the past with a single consolidated interface.

Awakish makes it easier to monitor these business-critical solutions. Hassle with agent installation can be time consuming and a potential source of internal software conflict- because Awakish is agent-less, customers are saved valuable time and are spared from unwanted issues.

The idea behind Awakish came out of Per Werngren’s experience leading a globally managed services provider and from the work in the Microsoft Infrastructure Partner Advisory Council.

Werngren says, “Having witnessed the pains and complexity of cloud monitoring for customers and partners, we wanted to make it easier and give a thorough view on all the cloud assets that are business critical for any organization. In the past, you had your servers on-premise, or perhaps in a co-location datacenter, but today most companies have a complex web of servers being both at arm’s length as well as in the cloud – and most have multiple cloud vendors like Microsoft, Amazon or Google. Making it easier and better was our Northstar in the product planning.

We believe that Awakish supplies for a demand in the market. We are now opening up for free trials as well as for partners that want to use the solution themselves and/or for their customer


Awakish Corporation is registered in Washington State with HQ in Redmond.

The solution is powered by Microsoft Azure.

For more information, visit or contact below.

Per Werngren, Founder & CEO
239 564 8343