ssl certificate monitoring

Do you renew your SSL certificates in time?

Well, most of us probably don’t even pay attention to SSL certificates unless we need to. Pretty boring if you ask me! But also pretty important!

Now that every decent website and web service uses SSL certificates in order to provide a secure encrypted connection it is more important now than ever before. And having SSL certificates has become the norm. Both search engines and web browsers shy away from websites without certificates as they are deemed to be unsecure.

Second to lost passwords, expired certificates is probably one of the more common issues that support agents faces and it is embarrassing and time consuming as it is always business-critical to resolve.

The challenge with SSL certificates is that they expire after a while and too often this is detected only when the website faces problems and it is a rush to renew and deploy the new certificate. This causes unnecessary downtime and frustration both internally among your staff and externally among your customers.

Having been in the crossfire leading a large MSP over several years I have seen the pain (it took us a while to get our house in order). That’s why implementing SSL certificate monitoring in Awakish felt both natural and important as that will reduce stress levels countrywide! With our awesome SSL certificate monitoring we will keep track of when certificates are due to expire and give alerts well in time so that you got plenty of time to renew and deploy.

So perhaps SSL certificates might be boring – but at least they should not be a source of constant pain!