importance of monitoring

Insider tips – get the whole picture of how your systems are performing with Monitoring Groups

There are several great features in Awakish. Some stand out enough that they deserve attention.

One feature that we’re very proud of is the ability to group servers together. Servers today are not stand-alone, instead they are often part of a business-critical solution like an ERP system, eCommerce website, psyroll system or some other LOB (Line-of-Business) application. There are servers for front-end, back-end, databases, load-balancing and more that when they come together, form a system.

In order to be able to monitor the wellbeing of a system that spans over several servers in an easy fashion, we have created Monitoring Groups so that you can easily monitor everything without having to look at each individual server.

With Monitoring Groups you will be able to monitor all servers, websites and SSL certificates that are involved. You can name the Monitoring Groups so that they make sense to you – like ‘SAP ERP System’,  ‘AI analysis solution’ or something that helps you remember what they are about.

Other monitoring solutions often only lets you list the server names and we all know that these names are often logical and clever, but it is seldom easy to understand which servers that are part of the same system (and sometimes the names can be a bit cryptical as well).

Setting up different Monitoring Groups is a feature that is included in Awakish. As an Awakish subscriber, you are able to set up unlimited Monitoring groups.

We want to make cloud monitoring easier. With Monitoring Groups, we are one step closer.

What is your favorite feature?