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Business Never Sleeps- Neither Should Your Cloud Monitoring Solution

IT was easier in the past! Remember the times when it was OK to shut down operations in the evening and start up in the morning? Remember when nobody was using your systems after-hours?

These relaxed procedures are a thing of the past. Today, business is 24/7, 365 days a year–not only for the companies serving customers in multiple time zones, but also for local, single time zone businesses. Customers expect your servers and systems to be up and running around the clock because business NEVER sleeps.

Because business never sleeps, we can no longer accept downtime, or slow responsiveness, in the middle of the night. Reasons for this can be maintenance, backups or spontaneous or scheduled restarts of services.

Too often, business owners and IT staff are not aware of slow points in their services. With a clever monitoring solution, like Awakish, you will detect and identify patterns that help you investigate the root causes. By knowing that at a certain time in a day/night/week something unusual happens that gives you downtime, you can take preventive action and take out the problem.

If you don’t know about it, you will be kept in the dark, so it is paramount to detect the problems and bring it up on the table with your IT department or your IT partner.

Our experience is that these problems are annoying and will cost you unnecessary downtime – but they are often easy to fix once you have the facts and you bring in the right people to find a solution.

Target issues before they negatively impact your business. Get started with Awakish today.


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