monitoring tool for msps

Specialized Monitoring tool for MSPs, SIs and ISVs

Over the past months we’ve realized that we fill a gap in the marketplace for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Systems Integrators (SIs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Vendors like these want to know if the systems/VMs that are under their wings are working or not. This is something that is hard to monitor for systems/VMs that are reachable over the internet.

Most of these resources are of course serving internally and are protected behind firewalls and policies so that only people inside these companies can reach them. We’re talking about Intranets, ERP systems, LOB solutions, eCommerce, payroll systems just to name a few examples.

We are proud having solved this problem and are catering for this need by using our Collector, available for free in our Enterprise plan, that will then send the data to our customers’ databases inside Awakish. Because this is sensitive data we give each customer their own private database and the software code in our Collector is available to fully audit.

This is the way that we have resolved this problem and we provide a secure and easy to implement solution for monitoring all the assets that under your wings – regardless of location, regardless of cloud and regardless of technology.

We are actively searching for more MSPs, SIs and ISVs that wants to evaluate how this works. Please send us an email on

Regards, Per