great monitoring solution

Great monitoring improves security

Cybercrime is on the rise! When something happens, it is important to act without delay. Having a great monitoring solution in place, that detects when your public facing websites or eCommerce system is down, makes sense. The earlier you detect, the sooner you can start to reduce the damage in reputational loss, revenue loss or data loss. Every minute matters.

Taking down websites is often low hanging fruit for these criminals! Great monitoring tools, together with great processes, great security software and great perimeter security will ensure that you’ll be ready to fight back!

Villains makes intrusions and take over servers for various reasons. There are criminals that wants to steal your secrets without you knowing it in order to be able to compete unfairly, and there are criminals that wants to hold your IT systems and your data as hostage for ransom. Over the years, cybercrime has increased and it is now about financial gain rather than playing pranks. The game has changed and the perceived rewards versus the risks attracts both domestic and international criminals that wants a slice of the pie!

We all know that in order to minimize exposure, it is important to have proven procedures in place, ensure that systems and servers are updated and ‘hardened’, make sure that perimeter protection like firewalls are fit to the task and educate staff. All this is part of your overall security planning. Having a plan that is constantly revised as needed is crucial. As no chain is stronger than it weakest link, it is important to take a 360 degree perspective and website monitoring should of course be an important part in your overall security approach. Few servers are directly exposed to the internet but web servers are of course a fairly easy target and can act as an entrance door to servers and systems that resides deeper inside.

Monitoring makes sense and improves security!

Regards, Per