monitoring services

What can Awakish do for MSPs?

We provide a great monitoring service where you can monitor all servers, websites and SSL certificates that are under your management. As a monitoring service, our key feature is of course that we detect downtime and notify everyone on the list right away (both via text messages and/or email).

With our Badges, only your own creativity sets the limits for how to use them. You can embed the ‘badge code’ anywhere where HTML can be shown which opens up for customized dashboards accessible via a web browser or to show them in Team, Slack or elsewhere.

Something that MSPs have told us as being crucial, is that they can now provide a third party monthly report that shows uptime where agreed maintenance windows does not affect the SLA. This is normally a hassle as an MSPs needs to manually deduct and explain. Our monthly report not only deducts agreed maintenance windows, but also shows in detail every single downtime occurrence – and gives data that both the MSP and the customer can trust.

As we realized that many MSPs got a large number of resources to monitor, we have reduced the burden of onboarding them by offering a free bulk import service. Just contact us and we will sign an NDA and make the import so that all resources under your wings are being shown in the monitoring service.

Finally, a word about the Collector! Most servers are internal and are protected behind firewalls and policies so that only people inside these companies can reach them. We’re talking about Intranets, ERP systems, LOB solutions, eCommerce, payroll systems just to name a few examples. We have solved this with our Collector that will send the data to our customers’ databases inside Awakish. Because this is sensitive data we give each customer their own private database and the software code in our Collector is available to audit in full. This is the way that we have resolved this problem and we provide a secure and easy to implement solution for monitoring all the assets that under your wings – regardless of location, regardless of cloud and regardless of technology.

Thank you for using Awakish!

Regards, Per