The story behind the name Awakish

When we sat down a few years ago and started planning for Awakish we didn’t have a name. Our focus was on developing a great service that would benefit MSPs and Enterprises and we spent lots of efforts building the solution – but we didn’t spend much time on the company name.

As soon as the product was in closed beta, and we started to feel comfortable about the functionality, it was time to start thinking about a name. But it felt like all the great names were already taken! And available ‘.com’ domains are as we all know hard to find!

Our intention was to find a name that was a bit fun, but at the same time a bit edgy and that indicates that we’re a modern company that is ripe for tomorrow. We wanted a name that indicated innovation and perhaps also gave us a disruptor feeling!

We started with quite an extensive list of potential names and made our due diligence among friends in the industry to reduce the list.

The name Awakish was not on the list at the beginning, but we realized that this word was both a bit fun and also very descriptive, so we started to test the waters for it.

What attracted us was that Awakish as a word describes the main concern that customers and service providers often got; are my servers and websites operational or not? Are they sleeping, awake or somewhere in the middle like being kind of working but perhaps not really… Like being awakish… !

And we can probably all agree that we don’t like servers and websites that are awakish so the sooner you’ll find out, the better!

The Urban Dictionary says this about Awakish:

Urban Dictionary: awakish
Your not sure if you’re actually awake or if you’re actually tired. Just in between and either way you’re still too tired to think straight

Names are hard to come up with and people rightfully got different opinions, but hopefully we landed in a great place with our name! At least, now you know the story behind!

Regards, Per