automated CI CD pipeline

Make clever use of Awakish with Automated Build Pipeline

What is an automated Continuous Integration and Development (CI/CD) pipeline and how can Awakish help?

A CI/CD pipeline is a great way automate your software delivery process. The pipeline builds code, runs tests (CI), and safely deploys a new version of the application (CD). Automated pipelines remove manual errors, provide standardized feedback loops to developers, and enable fast product iterations.

Development teams that chooses to use automated build pipelines can send messages using Teams or Slack directly through the build tools and here is where the Awakish Badges plays an important role. A Badge is a dynamic picture that shows the status of an asset that you care about, like a website or a server, and you can use these to quickly see any changes in status.

You can of course automate so that when a new build of code has been deployed, you can immediately see if it was a success or if you got a problem to attend to. By setting this up in a clever way and integrate in your workflows, you can much faster act if there is a problem which increases trustworthiness of software development.

CI/CD pipelines is not connected to any type of vendor or cloud provider but here is a link to Azure Pipelines that is one great example of what is available.

Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Azure
Get 10 free parallel jobs for cloud-based CI/CD pipelines for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Automate builds and easily deploy to any cloud with Azure Pipelines.

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