keep track of competitors

Keep track of your competitors

Part of running a business is to gather intelligence about your competition. With Awakish, you can learn a lot from competitors and see whether they have technical challenges that affect their ability to sell and deliver.

A simple and yet very effective indicator, is to monitor your competitors’ websites. You may see patterns emerge as you watch their ups and downs. If they have multiple dips during a month, it might indicate that they don’t have their technical platform in order. And you might also see that their outages are at certain days in the month.

If you competitors are facing challenges, it may mean that they have reduced their ability to serve their customers so that they cannot find information when needed or if they are unable to complete a transaction, it means that they’re losing business and that business needs to go elsewhere. Perhaps to you…

Keeping track of your competitors website health should be part of your modus operandi. It’s a little bit like having a secret shopper constantly visiting competitor’s stores on your behalf!

Regards, Per