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Perfect match for monitoring customers using both Azure and Oracle Cloud

The strategic partnership agreement between Microsoft and Oracle is very important for customers that wants to run mission-critical systems in both clouds, Azure and Google Cloud. I see this as a great case for a multi-cloud monitoring tool like Awakish.

When you got systems that have components in different clouds, you want to get a consolidated status view in one single dashboard and this is the perfect use case for Awakish. In the past, customers were sometimes hesitant to move enterprise systems to the cloud as they thought that they would have less control and get slower systems, this was especially true for the ones with high performance databases. But today this is not the case as the cloud provides extraordinary performance and the ability to scale up and down at an instant. We see that customers are now happy to move even their most cherished systems to the cloud and many adapt a multi-cloud strategy and this is why partnerships like these are so important.

This agreement is also another great example of how competitors like Microsoft and Oracle team up to the benefit of customers.

Congrats to both Oracle and Microsoft customers!

Oracle and Microsoft Announce an Enhanced Cloud Collaboration for Enterprise Businesses
Oracle and Microsoft are providing a