ssl certificate monitoring

SSL Certificates? We Have Your Back.

The year is 2019. We are a culture of dreamers and doers, entrepreneurs who think big and act big. Most big ideas today are supported by cloud resources such as websites, servers or ecommerce solutions. You’re focused on developing your ideas, growing your business and supporting your customers- in other words, your mind is on big-picture thinking. You don’t have time for the details and upkeep that accompany maintaining your cloud resources. Enter Awakish. An SSL certificate is a tedious detail that can make or break your big idea business. Often referred to as the “backbone” of a website, an SSL certificate ensures your cloud resource is accessible and secure for customers. Allowing your SSL certificate to expire could mean customers are unable to view your site, complete purchases or interact with your business. Did you know that your website becomes automatically ranked lower in a Google search if your SSL certificate is expired? Whoops.If your SSL certificate expires, suddenly your big-picture thinking is put on hold, and you are thrown into detail-oriented problem solving mode. However- it doesn’t have to be this way.Keeping track of SSL certificate expiration dates can be time consuming. Awakish has created a cloud monitoring solution that will continuously check the validity of your certificates and send you a report before they expire, to avoid any website down time. Installation is agent-less and hassle-free, and users can check on all cloud resources in a single dashboard with ease.You’re busy- you shouldn’t have to worry if your cloud resources are secure. Awakish is here for you. Check out our pricing options at Pricing and follow us on Twitter @AwakishCorp or LinkedIn