website monitoring

Managing websites at scale

Currently, there are many companies that manage websites on behalf of their customers. Some are dedicated web hotels, but most are MSPs (Managed Service Providers), that manage a large variety of resources.

Dedicated web hotels have automated their work, so that they can provide a basic service at a very low price point.

For all others, and especially for MSPs that have the responsibility for business-critical websites that needs to be up and running 24/7 – 365 days, we think that a system like Awakish makes a lot of sense.

MSPs often have decent systems for monitoring from the inside, but what Awakish brings to the table, among many things, is that we give the opportunity to look at websites from the outside. We track uptime and notify well in advance before an SSL Certificate needs to be renewed. As where a traditional monitoring system that works on the inside does not always pick up when a website is down and will never notify regarding an SSL Certificate. Our “outside-looking-in” approach helps us to help you visualize what customers and clients are seeing in real-time.

Whether you are monitoring an online store, informational blog, or anything in between, Awakish will be the first to let you know if all or a part of your website is down, before a customer does. Through badges, alerts, and monthly reports, you will constantly receive full and transparent information on the status of your client’s sites.

We not only provide the ability to monitor public websites, but also private websites that live behind firewalls.

As a former CEO of a large MSP, I have often felt that traditional systems were cumbersome and hard to configure. One of our design goals when we created Awakish was making our website monitoring set up easy to use and navigate.

Did you know? We also offer the ability to do a bulk import for MSPs that have a large number of websites to monitor. This is a complimentary service, under NDA, and all you have to do is send us an Excel or CSV file and we will import and manage from there!

Regards, Per