Effect of Website Downtime on Company’s Productivity

At a time when there is bottleneck competition in virtually every industry, consistency is the only way to build a long-term reputation for older and prospective clients. However, ....

November 28, 2022 Read more

What is JSON and why do you need JSON monitoring tools

What is a JSON file?

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is a data representation format. It was incorporated into JavaScript in the early 2000s and gradually grew to be....

November 21, 2022 Read more

Planned Downtime vs Unplanned Downtime: Everything About Them

Unexpected downtime is never desirable. Your website is the digital representation of your company, so any time it is unavailable to users could harm the reputation of your brand. ....

October 25, 2022 Read more

Effective Ways To Improve Your Website Security

The simplicity of creating websites has led to a boom in the e-commerce industry. Business owners are now webmasters courtesy of content management systems (CMS) that enable easy d....

October 20, 2022 Read more

How SSL Certificate Can Boost SEO Rankings and Traffic

Even though getting in the books of Google rankings is a major conundrum even for many of the best minds, there are things you can do to ensure better chances of success. Having an....

October 15, 2022 Read more
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