Checking JSON endpoints with Awakish

Driven by customer demand, we have added a new capability to Awakish. And this is a great one that will really benefit customers with all kin....

September 1, 2021 Read more

Keep Track of Social Media!

Well, honestly we cannot help you to keep track of social media! Sorry... However, we are using social media as an example of how useful Awakish can be to

A Richer Experience

First, we would like to thank you for all the great feedback. We understand that you love Awakish, and your opinions are crucial for our development team. We have just released ....

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Managing websites at scale

Currently, there are many companies that manage websites on behalf of their customers. Some are dedicated web hotels, but most are MSPs (Managed Service Providers), that manage a l....

September 1, 2021 Read more

How to make sure customers can always log into the services that they are paying for

Whether Microsoft, QuickBooks, or Salesforce, even the most robust applications, delivered by the most trusted vendors, sometimes face problems and becomes unavailable. When that h....

September 1, 2021 Read more
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