Top Website Performance Metrics You Should Monitor

In today's fiercely competitive internet age, a website's performance is essential to a user's journey. Among many other things, visitors expect a website to load quickly, have opt....

October 10, 2022 Read more

Types of SSL Certificates for Every Business Need

As the world of digital business blooms, so does the menace of villains. Because hackers and privacy invasions are a concern for internet users across the globe, it pays to maintai....

September 23, 2022 Read more

What is HTTP Monitor and Why Do You Need It?

One of the most cutting-edge methods for keeping an eye on HTTP-based online applications is HTTP monitoring. It enables you to monitor your app from the user's point of view. You ....

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Five Common Questions About Uptime Monitoring Tools

If you are a digital business owner, it is imperative that you are familiar with the concept of website uptime/downtime monitoring and its impact on your brand image and revenue. W....

August 29, 2022 Read more

What Is a Status Badge? Why Is It Important for Your Website?

A status badge is a vital add-on widget feature that gives a quick insight into your website’s live functionality and operational status. While companies allocate a huge amount o....

August 29, 2022 Read more
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