Why Website Endpoint Tracking in Healthcare is Crucial

What is Website Endpoint Availability?

Endpoint availability refers to the ability of devices or resources connected to a network to be accessed and used by users. For we....

January 30, 2023 Read more

How can JSON endpoint monitoring help you monitor your website?

JSON endpoint monitoring is a method of monitoring the performance and availability of a website or web application by sending HTTP requests to a specific endpoint on the server th....

December 25, 2022 Read more

What is Port Connection Monitoring and why it is important?

A Gist of Port Connection Monitoring

Port connection monitoring refers to the process of monitoring the connections made to and from a device through its various ports. T....

December 15, 2022 Read more

Effect of Website Downtime on Company’s Productivity

At a time when there is bottleneck competition in virtually every industry, consistency is the only way to build a long-term reputation for older and prospective clients. However, ....

November 28, 2022 Read more

What is JSON and why do you need JSON monitoring tools

What is a JSON file?

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is a data representation format. It was incorporated into JavaScript in the early 2000s and gradually grew to be....

November 21, 2022 Read more
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