website downtime monitoring

Automatically open a support ticket in your CRM when a website goes down

Most MSPs, SIs and large companies are handling support incidents and requests through some kind of ticket handling system. It might be a special system built for Service Desks or it might be a more generic CRM system like Zendesk, Dynamics 365 Customer Service or Hubspot. Many organizations are using Slack or Teams which both provides easy ways to tailor a solution (example for Slack is here: Send email to Slack | Slack Tips | Slack and another one for Teams is here How to connect my email address into Microsoft Teams – MailClark Help Center).

Whatever system you’re using – you want your system to give you a 360 degree view of every support ticket in your organization. Support tickets handled outside the system is always a danger as follow-ups and statistics will be hurt.

Awakish is, in our opinion, a great tool for monitoring websites and will instantly alert you when something goes wrong. Alerts can be sent over email, test messages (SMS) or via your own html badges that you can embed in workflows.

And here comes today’s tip! You can easily direct the email messages so that it automatically creates a support ticket in your ticket handling system for every incident. Some ticket handling systems are of course cleverer than others and might be able to classify incoming email about ongoing website incidents so that they’re automatically escalated to the right level. But even a basic system will be able to create a support ticket and that will make help your support team a lot.

By doing it this way, you will be able to integrate Awakish with your ticket handling system. You can add several email addresses and phone numbers which makes it possible to get the level of granularity that you want.

And as always, please let us know what you think! We always want to learn from our customers!