monitoring tool for msps

Introducing Awakish!

Over the course of a year we have been talking to industry experts that are friends in the Microsoft and Amazon ecosystems and gathered feedback for what service to build – what service is needed to simplify the life in the cloud. I find that too often techies work in siloes without talking to customers when crafting services. That’s why we made sure to involve lots of people from the start to help us get this right!

The stance that we took when doing the product planning for Awakish was that it should be a service that was easy to use even if you had no, or very shallow, technical skills. There’s often a risk to make things more complicated and user friendliness should be paramount!

Having led a large MSP (Managed Solution Provider), I often found that when a cloud service became unavailable it was too often that this was detected a bit late when customers and employees started to contact the support staff.

Another common issue is uptime and by bringing transparency from a neutral source we will give you the data needed for fact-based discussions about whether SLAs have been met or not. The historical data about uptime will also help you when you determine whether there is a need to invest in improved uptime for business-critical applications. And we all know that knowing the facts helps!

Our goal is to democratize monitoring and make it easy for anyone to get a heads-up if a service goes down and to provide the facts regarding uptime.

Another goal was to gather as much as possible into the same consolidated view – that means that we want you to be able to monitor if all your services in the cloud are awake or asleep. Awakish is both customer and vendor friendly – we anticipate that MSPs, SIs and VARs will use our service as a first-class tool to monitor customers’ assets.

And we’re free of charge for now so enjoy the ride, consume the services and please give us feedback so that we can constantly improve!

Thank you for your help!