Do you renew your SSL certificates in time?

Well, most of us probably don’t even pay attention to SSL certificates unless we need to. Pretty boring if you ask me! But also pretty important! Now that every decent website....

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Monitoring in a multi-cloud and multi-vendor universe

In the past, you had a room somewhere in your office that housed all your servers. And servers were by definition, physical hardware boxes. Then came virtual servers, and then came....

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Introducing Awakish!

Over the course of a year we have been talking to industry experts that are friends in the Microsoft and Amazon ecosystems and gathered feedback for what service to build – what ....

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Monitor a website with SSL

Google says a secure web is here to stay! Since your sites are now ranked lower if hosted w....

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Monitor an HTTP endpoint availability

How to check if your website is alive and kicking?

Once you have created a monitoring group, ....

September 1, 2021 Read more
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