creating and managing groups

Creating and managing Groups

As an administrator managing multiple resources, the tension only knows one direction, and that is… UP!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way in which you could group all your resources and manage it together? Monitoring groups are just that!

What are Monitoring Groups?

With a monitoring group in Awakish, you can add similar assets together and act on it if something goes wrong.

Creating Groups and Adding Resources

Once you sign up, click on Manage on the left menu and click the Create Monitoring Group button. Give this group a meaningful name and description and you are good to go. You can create as many monitoring groups as you like.

Deleting a Group

NOTE: Deleting a Group is a one-way street! Once deleted, there is no way to retrieve the data. Deleting a group deletes all the resources inside the group along with all of its collected data. So, proceed with caution.

Effect of a Group on Dashboard

Each Monitoring Group is rendered separately on the Dashboard menu. Hence, grouping allows you to get an overview at one shot using the dashboard view.