ip address monitoring

Awakish Launches a New Feature- IP Addresses Monitoring Tool

This week, we have launched a major new release of Awakish!

In this new release, we have added an IP monitoring ability that allows you to check IP addresses, and not just URLs. You can even specify a specific port if you want to check if that port is responding, which means that it is being opened.

This also provides the ability for IP addresses monitoring behind firewalls, thanks to a standardized feature called ‘port forwarding’ or ‘firewall rules’ which makes an IP address behind a firewall or router accessible through a specific port. And of course, in order to increase security, only traffic from a specific IP address shall be allowed.

This new functionality of IP monitoring is useful for customers with devices in the field that have an IP address and where the IT department wants to see if the device is alive. It can be printers, routers, firewalls or something else. It can also be that you want to see if the WAN connection to a branch office is alive by pinging a device.

Another scenario where IP addresses monitoring is relevant is when customers with servers behind firewalls that communicate with the outside through port forwarding (aka firewall rules), and where you want to know that they are responsive to traffic.

There are probably other use scenarios that involve pinging IP addresses and ports and hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration!

We’ll continue to work on adding more functionality! Stay tuned!