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Six Features of a Good Downtime Tracker

Website downtime is equivalent to the Grinch in an otherwise breakneck world of e-commerce. Your company’s productivity comes to a screeching halt and according to the study by Server OS Reliability Survey, a typical downtime causes about $100,000 loss per hour. In fact, a few companies have even gone out of business due to the data and financial loss during an unplanned outage.

You can’t fix a problem you can’t fully predict. The least you can do, however, is hire monitoring services that will scout your websites and apps thoroughly and act as a virtual guard dog for them. A good downtime tracker lets you breathe and enables a balanced work-family life. It assesses your website’s security and execution.

To fully leverage your company resources, it is imperative you invest in a reliable website monitoring platform. They make sure you are always ahead of any technical glitch that will inevitably ambush your website.

Certain services set a good tracker apart from the rest. Some of them are:

1.Extensive Monitoring

An ideal downtime tracker offers unlimited monitoring of a publicly accessible website or server. It essentially tracks a whole lot of things, from the execution and accessibility of servers and equipment to web applications and records.

Awakish is efficient at monitoring virtually all the aforementioned components and more, such as operating systems, metrics and applications, etc.

2.Actionable Monthly Insights

A great downtime tracker will measure your company’s median performance and provide you with data-driven reports. This facilitates optimizing your business growth with confidence.

Such insights are extremely important as they not only aid in resolving issues but also work to avert them long before your customers and clients find out. Modern website monitoring platforms have evolved from mere reactive agents to profit-creating avenues. Awakish offers perceptive reports that will catalyze your engagement to conversion process.

Personalized dashboards generate practical expositions for your teams so they know what they need to do to accomplish the company’s goals while simultaneously keeping tabs on downtime.

3.Instant alerts through multiple platforms

Overlooked website downtime can spell disaster for your business. It leads to a huge loss of revenue and reputational damage. You have to deal with it immediately to forestall any full-blown crisis.

Emails are one of the most efficient ways to get notified about your website outage. A good website monitoring provider makes use of it to send timely alerts. It sends out time-sensitive email alerts instantly. Moreover, the fact that bulk messages can be sent easily through emails adds to the ease of communicating via it.

Our real-time technology ensures that you receive instantaneous email   alerts in case of any downtime.

4.Status Badges

A status badge reflects the current status of your network through your website. It displays in real-time whether your services are up or undergoing downtime.

Status badges can be embedded in your dashboards, company apps/websites, and workflows. They display the outage information, whether scheduled or unforeseen, so it is easy for your customers and clients to get the gist of the issue without having to post negative reviews on social media.

5.SSL Certifications Monitoring

SSL certificates are usually employed by e-commerce to confirm their authenticity and enable an encrypted connection.  An expired SSL certificate reflects badly upon your brand and even makes your customers cast doubt over your legitimacy. The negligence can even cause a revenue loss as it does not take a lot for your loyal customers to shift to your competitors.

It is a cumbersome task to track all the certificates manually, hence you must invest in monitoring services that will help you cut down on the operational expenses and the time spent on the otherwise easily automated tasks.

With Awakish, you can easily track the validity of the SSL certificates of your e-commerce. We help surveil the expiry date of the certificate, so you can steer clear of any blemish on the company’s reputation caused due to overlooked SSL certificate expiration.

6.Flexible Pricing Options

Just like one shoe doesn’t fit all, similarly, a package that may work wonders for one company may not be suitable for you at all. Keeping this in mind, a great website monitoring platform is built considering the personalized requirements of the clients. Choose the wrong provider and you will end up paying for the services which you do not even use!

Awakish offers you the most flexible pricing system that is designed to reduce your operating costs while also driving continuous growth. You can customize your plan according to your resources that require monitoring.

You can find all the above attributes and more with Awakish. Contact our support team and simply watch what wonders a good website monitoring platform and downtime tracker can do for an agile organization like yours.